Bringing you the best online virtual experience, The Nexus Project will create a safe and fun virtual environment for socialising, gaming, shopping and exploring the online digital world.
Coming soon!
Welcome to Total Impact Studios. We are a team of programmers and designers looking to build the future of interactive digital media. There are many projects we wish to create but our main priority is The Nexus Project, a fully immersive online experience. We hope you will come along with us on this exciting journey.
Explore The Nexus Hub
Here you can access stores, meet up and hang out with your friends, play games and participate in events
Custom Virtual Worlds
In the Nexus you can create your own virtual spaces and explore other peoples worlds and creations
Personal and Professional Spaces
Meet with your friends in your own personalised apartment and watch a movie. Work and have meetings with your colleagues in a fully functional office space
Innovating the Internet
With our platform you can experience the internet in a whole new and immersive way
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You can also donate directly here
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